Macaron lah: Why we hate the rain…

Macaron lah: Why we hate the rain…

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but here in Melaka, it has been raining A LOT  in the past few weeks.
And while I am always grateful that I don’t live in an area when water scarcity / drought is a problem,
I can’t help but think that right now, we’re getting too much of a good thing.

My plants for one, do not appreciate the lack of sun as well as the constant torrential rain descending upon them.

Baking is a b*tch now as well.

Try getting whipping any kind of meringue to a stiff peak with this kind of humidity!
All my meringue recipes have had me whipping my egg whites for 1/2 an hour at a high speed,
only to end up with peaks were still droopy.
And I’m very sure that they have not been overwhipped either.

I’ll teach you how to bake macarons in the wettest of weather after the jump!

Street Racers!


I love baking for little children.

They appreciate all your efforts,
and are always full of superfluous praise! 🙂
Yes, I thrive on the attention, shamelessly (!) — can you honestly blame me?

Racing Cupcakes!

This is my nicest, bestest, most excellent &
most favourite-est birthday cake ever!

I quote verbatim. 🙂

Tiny fondant race cars

Making 30 of these tiny cars was no small feat!
Pun not intended, honest.

Now, please excuse me while I dream the rest of the day away…

Love, The NyonyaCelup

Pesto Mesto

Cheerful pink gerbera

Hello there!
I hope the week has been kind to you., so far. 😉
And if it hasn’t, we can only thank God it’s the weekend!

The NyonyaCelup apologises for her extended absence in the past month.
In between a holiday Down Under and various personal / work engagements, I found it a *lil* difficult to keep up with my blog.

Vacation photos & a pesto recipe after the jump!

Grow-it-Yourself French Tarragon


I know I promised all of you a pesto recipe;
but truth be told, there are so many (ok, more like a dozen) photos that need to be edited,
and I haven’t had the time yet.

So, since we’re in the growing mood,
I thought I’d post up a quick lil’ ditty about French tarragon.

Growing Tarragon

Don’t go! There’s more!

All hail Basil, the undisputed King of Herbs

All hail Basil, the undisputed King of Herbs

A (rather long) while ago, I introduced all of you to my Zen Garden:

Zen Garden circa May 2012

It doesn’t look like that anymore.

For one, it now resembles a jungle (albeit a well-kept one) more than a garden:
with 7 sweet basil plants, 2 Thai basils, 1 each of cinnamon & lemon basil; 4 rosemary bush-lings; 3 French tarragon stick-lings; 3 thyme crawlies; 2 healthy dill weeds; 1 generous flat parsley & coriander each; 1 overhanging oregano; and 1 overgrown sage — amongst others.

But I am not here to boast.
OK lar, maybe slightly…

A long time ago, I realised that the only way for me to achieve the results that I craved for in the kitchen,
was to have full (or partial) control of the ingredients that I put into my pot (or pan… or wok… or oven… you get the picture).
While I won’t be able to breed my own chickens, catch my own salmon, or grain feed & massage my own cows anytime soon,
I have been able to achieve some success with herbs and vegetable produce. Remember my lil’ runt of a potato?!

And one plant / herb that I am eternally grateful for, for learning how to grow well, is basil.

Basil @thenyonyacelup

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Selamat Hari Raya!


So I am aware that the month of Ramadhan does not officially end for my Muslim readers and friends till Sunday,
but thanks to all the office festivities, you’ll have to pardon my jumping of the gun. 🙂

Mini ketupat hanging from my cubicle.

I was, after all, responsible for weaving 70% of the office ketupat decorations.

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#Stop114a — Malaysia, what it means for YOU


#Stop114a - 14.8.2012 Internet Blackout Day

*On 18 April, a second amendment to the Evidence Act 1950 was tabled in Dewan Rakyat & passed after the second and third reading.
On 9 May, Dewan Negara passed the amendment.
As of July 31, it has been gazetted — meaning that it is now (for lack of a better generic term) legally binding.

114A is the newly added section to the Evidence Act 1950. The amendment has wide-ranging reach and extends to practically EVERYONE who uses any Internet platform–from e-mail and social media, to blogs and online media.

For those of us who don’t speak law, the infographic below best sums up what it means for ALL OF US.

#Stop114a Infographic

The gist? Guilty until proven innocent;
which goes against the fundamental principals of justice.

I sincerely hope that this, at the very least, raises some awareness amongst my (albeit) small group of readers.

Till then, surf safe
& secure your identities.

I promise to return tomorrow with a new yummy post! 🙂

*Information adapted from #Stop114a.


  • In response to the #Stop114a Internet Blackout, Malaysian Primer Minister Datuk Seri Najib b. Razak stater over his official Twitter account: I have asked Cabinet to discuss Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950. Whatever we do we must put people first.
  • However, as of August 16, 2012, de facto law minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has announced that it will stay, stating: Once it is officially passed, to do something now is an after thought.**

**SOURCE: The Star Online

Love, The NyonyaCelup

Truss Yo’ Bird!

Truss Yo’ Bird!

I love lazy afternoons days.

Days where you roll out of bed mid morning
and spend the rest of, at home, doing absolutely nothing.

They are increasingly rare to come by these days,
which makes the odd day that the Baba & I can spend nurturing our inner sloth all the better.

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DIY Fondant Doves

DIY Fondant Doves

I am aware that I have been missing a long time.
I was nursing a rather nasty concussion, effects of which I am still experiencing:
loss of concentration, as evident by the reduced Bejeweled high scores;
short term memory loss, as evident by my inability to harvest my Smurf crops on time;
among others.

Don’t go! There’s more!