Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

The NyonyaCelup and the Baba begin the season of Lent with a bout of food poisoning — I guess it means we’ll be putting the recipes on hold for the time being.

Most people do not realise that the season of Lent is not only a period of fasting, but one of prayer, charity, as well as preparation for the coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

And today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of this solemn season: according to the gospels, Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry.

So, in the meantime, here’s a lil’ something I found online — surprising what you can get via Google these days. 🙂

Ash Wednesday Cartoon are dust, and to dust you shall return. - Genesis 3:19 (NRSV)

The NyonyaCelup 

About The NyonyaCelup

The NyonyaCelup is a 70s soul stuck in the new millennium. Her dreams are dressed immaculately in LBDs and 2.55s; meandering aimlessly in a pair of mile high Manolos; with an occasional whiff of No. 5 in the air; scored in Motown and shot in glorious Technicolor.

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