Storing Ginger

Storing Ginger

I should’ve published my Babi and/or Ayam Buah Keluak recipe yesterday.
Truth be told, I was too busy whipping up a 4-course meal for the Baba and I.

Till I get about editing the pictures for the post, here’s a lil’ tip for my 10-odd readers. 🙂
I love you! I love you all! 

If you’re like me (READ: working, maid-less amateur cook who whips up a meal, at most, twice a week), you’ll probably be at a loss when it comes to purchasing ingredients like ginger (or onions, or garlic – but these keep for perpetuity with their skins on).

Your recipe will probably call for vague amounts: a thumb of… a thimble of… (WTF*CK?!)
to more precise measurements: 5 cm of… an inch of…
However they word it though, unless you’re cooking for an army, you’ll usually not need more than 5-10 cm of it.

This usually puts me in a spot when I visit my local Jusco / Tesco / Mydin / (insert vague supermarket / minimarket name here) – nobody wants to sell me that negligible amount of ginger, and I usually end up walking away with two fistfuls of it.

I used to pound all the ginger and store it in an airtight container in the fridge, dumping huge amounts of it into each and every dish I cooked, trying to finish it before it spoils.
And it does tend to spoil quite fast once you pound it – squeezing and draining all the ginger juice tends to make it last longer, but IMHO, the ginger always tastes bland after that.
Storing it with the vegies  in the fridge was no better, for some reason my ginger always ends up wrinklier than than a shar pei at the end of the week.

So, if you’re like me, you either end up throwing a fistful or so of ginger every other week;
or you end up with 3 ginger plants and 2 turmeric plants in your backyard.

A month ago however, I stumbled across a tea towel that read:

To keep ginger, store in freezer and grate as needed.


It’s apparently a very old trick lar, but I never knew.
Well, now I do.
And so do you. All 10 of you. 🙂

Ginger Conspirators

Sacre bleu, they have discovered our plan to take over the pantry, one fistful of ginger at a time!

The NyonyaCelup

NOTE: I have been using the same 3 fistfuls of ginger since Chinese New Year.
Just Zip Lock it and throw it in the freezer.
It works for turmeric and galangal as well. 

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