The NyonyaCelup has moved!


Yes, The NyonyaCelup now has its own address on the World Wide Web — not too shabby, eh?

If you’ve still got me @, don’t worry, I’ve paid USD 17 / year to make sure y’all will still reach me.

Otherwise, just point your browsers and change your bookmarks to 

When I first started blogging almost nine years ago — OMG, am I actually that old — it was a way for me to release my inner demons;
I’d always preferred a more passive aggressive approach to dealing with real life crisis, so a (not so) anonymous blog was the best way for me to keep my sanity.
That, and the fact that I had somehow got it into my head that I was a very good writer and as such, the world would be a less colourful place if I did not grace it with my poetry and prose.
Also, everyone was keeping one. It had become a sort of an in thing at that time. Peer pressure. (-.-)”

Of course, like most angsty adolescent past times, I grew out of wearing my heart on a sleeve for total strangers to see;
I was not very femes like some of our other local bloggers, but I still got my fair share of flack whenever I was too vocal.
And as I started needing to put in some effort into passing med school, my posts became more erratic, more sporadic.

Various attempts to resurrect it were met with lukewarm response — I exhibitionist ma, that’s why I keep a blog, duh — and  so I abandoned it altogether.

When I decided to start blogging again, a whole five years had passed since I last logged on to my site;
and though I still felt strongly about half the stuff I had so passionately expounded on as a teenager,
I realised that I no longer was, and no longer could be that girl.
I also could not afford for acquaintances to stumble across the many four-lettered words, and their counterparts in many languages and dialects — I told you I was angsty, go frack yourself — as they browsed through the archives.
But most importantly, I couldn’t bring myself to hit the delete button.

As such, I could no longer blog at that site.

But just as sentimentality that kept me from expunging the archives of my old blog completely, sentimentality also played a part in choosing the first domain with WordPress.
As I started writing on, however, I realised that I really wanted to start anew.
And I really wanted my new life to be as far away from my old as possible.
(Though technically all of my current batch of loyal readers are my friends.)

Not ashamed lar, but I’m trying to shed some kilos here.

I also happen to like the name The NyonyaCelup  very much.
I think it’s quite original and I’m very proud of myself. :p

And while I won’t be ranting — at least not here — about how the Baba won’t do his laundry because he claims he doesn’t know how to operate the washing machine,
I will still be writing. This time about what I (currently) love best — my cooking.

Though I still cannot promise I will be disciplined at it.

The NyonyaCelup

About The NyonyaCelup

The NyonyaCelup is a 70s soul stuck in the new millennium. Her dreams are dressed immaculately in LBDs and 2.55s; meandering aimlessly in a pair of mile high Manolos; with an occasional whiff of No. 5 in the air; scored in Motown and shot in glorious Technicolor.

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