Regina Cæli ♥ Mary, Queen of May ♥

Regina cæli, lætare, alleluia:
Quia quem meruisti portare, alleluia,
Resurrexit, sicut dixit, alleluia,
Ora pro nobis Deum, alleluia.
Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia:
For He whom you did merit to bear, alleluia,
Has risen, as He said, alleluia,
Pray for us to God, alleluia.

Regina Coeli (Edited)

If you’re Catholic, apparently, you should know that the month of May is devoted to our Holy Mother, Mary.

I am Catholic. But I did not know this.
Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I am not a cradle Catholic;
so I do not have early memories of dedicating a Marian altar in May,
nor did my family come together to dedicate any Rosaries after May vespers.

This is indeed a new concept for me.

So, I did some Googling on the matter and found various dedications that the faithful can offer up to our Blessed Mother this month:

  • the Rosary *
    ✞ probably the most popular devotion to the Virgin Mary; frequently referred to (erroneously) by non-Catholics as the Hail Mary (which is technically one of the prayers that make up the Rosary)
    ✞ if you’ve never prayed the Rosary before, and would like to find out how, EWTN has put up a simple but concise page with a short history and introduction, as well as instructions on how to pray the Rosary
    ✞ if you’re shy and would like to try the devotion out on your own first, you can try a guided tour on this interactive website: choosing to pray at your own pace, or join in with other users on the site
    ✞ once you’re comfortable, try joining (or initiating) a regular (or at least, a semi regular) devotion in your family / community — like exercise, regular spiritual devotion benefits from strength in numbers
  • the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary @ Litany of Loreto *
    ✞ consisting of a long series of invocations to Our Lady, which follow in a uniform rhythm, thereby creating a stream of prayer characterized by insistent praise and supplication
    ✞ Catholics, often misunderstood, do not pray to the Virgin Mary, but instead ask for her intercession and prayers on our behalf
    ✞ full text and a brief history of the origins of the Litany can be found here
  • wearing of the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
    or carrying of her medals *

Not an exhaustive list, but among the more popular methods of Marian devotion.

But it’s quite obvious from the start of my post, that ending Vespers or Compline with the Regina Cæli is one of my more favourite ones.

Have a blessed May ahead.

* sourced from

DISCLAIMER: The NyonyaCelup does not pretend to be a good Catholic nor an authority in Catholic theology. The views in this post are mine entirely and may not reflect the teachings of the Church accurately or completely. If I have made a mistake, I apologise and would be grateful if it is pointed out to me.

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Love, The NyonyaCelup

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