Macaron lah Day 3: Flying to the moon and back sans feet…

Lunar Macarons

And it’s one small step for macarons, and one giant step for erratic temperamental French pastries.

Image taken with the new iPad, edited with Snapseed
— waaaaay easier to use than iPhoto, and it was free! 

Again, no feet.
And this time, the surface of my macaron shells is as bumpy as the moon.

My guess is that I underbeat my meringue and it was a very humid day so the skins didn’t form as they should.

No matter, David Lebovitz did make his seven times before he got them right.

Though we do have a lot of ice cream in the fridge right now…

Love, The NyonyaCelup

* Read more about Project Macaron-lah here. 😉

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  1. I been baking macaroon for last three days, each batch turn out like your photo above . i dry them over night n with hair dyer, result is the same. is it due the rainning weather?

    • Hello, Jane.

      When I made these, my meringue had actually been underwhipped and the resulting batter after macronage was very runny.
      After piping them out, they proceeded to spread across the parchment paper & did not dry as well as they should.

      Humid weather can result in your meringue not rising to a stiff peak – when you turn the meringue over after beating, is it as stiff as whipped cream? It should be so stiff that the meringue will not slide off the bowl.

      I have not used a hair dryer before, drying it out under the fan works for me.

      FYI, this was my final attempt using French meringue method & I finally switched to Italian meringue which yields more stable results.

      Also, I think my last post documented my method for making macarons in rainy humid weather – has worked for me so far, but I use Italian meringue.

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