Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes

Meet Iota.

Iota (Nikon 1 J1)

Iota — Pretty in pink. 😉

I believe you have not been formally introduced.

After 9 years, the NyonyaCelup has finally treated herself to a new camera.
The NyonyaCelup actually owns an antiquated Olympus µ[mju:] 400, which did a pretty decent job — back in the day where 4.0 MP was a BIG thing.
She then took over her brother’s old Canon PowerShot A630; which was great for about 4 months, then she had to learn how to stay still & hold her breath for long periods of time because the flash stopped working & it was stuck at an incredibly long shutter speed. :/
So, I was on a hunt for a new camera.
And since I wanted to take — or at least come close to taking — incredible food shots, I couldn’t settle another point & shoot. But I didn’t want to lug around almost 2 kg in camera, lenses, and equipment either. Which brings me to the world of hybrid system cameras —
And though the Nikon 1 J1 has pretty decent reviews, I think the real reason why I finally chose this over the Sony α NEX-5N is pretty clear from the picture. 😉

So, I’ve basically been trying my hand at taking artsy fartsy shots around the house and garden.

Zen Frogs

Make tadpoles, not war — peace, yeah lots of  that too…

And I realised that one of my potato plants have died completely.

Dead potato plant

Perchance a shiny vampire passed my way last night?

So, a month ago, I decided that instead of throwing out the potatoes that I didn’t manage to cook before growing poisonous leaves started chitting (Yes, that IS the proper agricultural term.), I’d stick them in some soil and grow more potatoes!

Do I hear scoffing in the background?

Potato plant.

I am a POISONOUS potato plant.
My leaves are not meant to be eaten.
And any tubers that I produce MUST NOT be eaten green.
Thank you for stopping by.

Well, my potato plant(s) and I scoff back at you.

Growing them has not been without problems, though.
They are especially prone to the cursed mealybug. And I think the plant above (not the dead one, that one cannot save ade) looks like it might be picking up some fungal or viral infection. (=.=)”
Not forgetting, I had to cordon the whole area off from Vico because the leaves and young tubers pack a punch in cyanide, not unlike buah keluak.

Back to the uprooted potato plant.
It managed to spring forth some really small potatoes before kicking the bucket.

Small potatoes

Small potatoes, probably no bigger than my thumb.
I really should’ve put something next to them for perspective.

Potato plant + potatoes

I am your father…
Cheesy, I know.

Anyways, I won’t be eating them anytime soon.
Though they’re not exactly green, I’m not taking any chances.

Besides, they’re sooooo cute!
Maybe I can paint them pink too…

The next time I write, I’ll share my favourite mashed potatoes recipe. 🙂

But before I sign off, I MUST brag a lil…

Pink rose macarons

Pink rose macarons,
made using a Pierre Hermé recipe.
Ladurée, you make better macarons, but Monsieur Hermé’s recipe was idiot proof. 😀

More about that on another day.
I must rush home to cook some awesome & kick-a$$ pasta with my basil. 😀

Love, The NyonyaCelup

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