Macaron lah: (Almost) perfect…

Macaron lah: (Almost) perfect…

So I planted a rosemary hedge over the weekend.
I already have one small bush, which is slowly getting kojak-ed by excessive use — rosemary potatoes are my fave, if you must know — and thought that a hedge might be a good long term investment.

Rosemary hedge

Note we had to fence it up because the Dog insists on burying everything in there.

I also thought that it’s high time I posted the pictures from Day 5 & 6 of Project Macaron lah.

So, I was thinking to myself (after Day 4) that my macaron technique can’t be that bad
— something else had to be wrong as well —
Spoken like a true bad carpenter.

And I’d read — from more than one reliable source — that Italian meringue macarons were comparatively easier than their French counterparts;
NOTE: French meringues incorporate granulated sugar whereas Italian meringues employ boiling sugar syrup to help cook the egg proteins and hold the shape; it is therefore almost impossible to over beat.
AND I have a (relatively) easy Pierre Hermé recipe for rose macarons;
so I thought: What the heck? 

And the results were amazing!

Piped macaron shells

Still having problems controlling the size, and spacing, of my macarons.
Most of my shells average 3-4 cm in diameter.
Tracing the circles didn’t help much either
— was never good with colouring books… :/

Macaron conjugation

What happens if you pipe them too close together.
Macaron conjugation:
if only it were that easy…

La pied macaron

Nice legs!
Need to work on the pudgy deformed body though.
Note to self as well.

As you can see, the pied from this recipe, was breathtakingly stunning — and this was on the first try!

Macarons on a plate

Day 4
Some of the shells were burnt — yes, Monsieur Hermé’s recipe is (almost) impossible to crack — as you can see from the tanned shells.
Ganache was also wee bit runny.

My recipe uses white chocolate ganache flavoured with rose syrup & essence
as opposed to buttercream (which I’ve heard works just as well). 

Les petits macarons...

Day 5
Shells were slightly better, and more uniformed in size and shape.
Managed to keep the ganache firm for like 5-10 minutes before it started running all over the place again.
Am beginning to the weather  is more to be blamed and not my technique.

Les petits macarons...

Macarons à la rose de Pierre Hermé

Les petits macarons...

No, I didn’t run out of rose white ganache,
wanted to try a dark chocolate ganache filling for contrast.
And IMHO, it works better.

I won’t be going back to French meringue any time soon.
The results I got with Italian meringue were waaaaaaaaaay too impressive.
The Baba almost fainted thinking I’d gone out and bought three dozen macarons. 🙂

But I will admit, the shells are lighter and fluffier with the French method,
which has always been the reason why I prefer Ladurée macarons to the ones from Pierre Hermé —

But no matter, we can work on that.

I will be taking a break from macaron baking for awhile though,
and concentrate on another French pastry… 😉 

Love, The NyonyaCelup

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