DIY Fondant Doves

DIY Fondant Doves

I am aware that I have been missing a long time.
I was nursing a rather nasty concussion, effects of which I am still experiencing:
loss of concentration, as evident by the reduced Bejeweled high scores;
short term memory loss, as evident by my inability to harvest my Smurf crops on time;
among others.

So I chanced upon the journal of a dog named Hero.

Most of you will remember my dog, Vico.
An adorable lil’ sharpei-mix that strayed into my house 5-odd years ago.

Now, Hero here is a pure bred sharpei.
And I can’t help but wonder how a meeting between the two would turn out:

When Vico Met Hero

When Vico Met Hero
Unfortunately, we’re neutered on this end.
Hero photo credit to his owners. 

Sleeping dogs lie...

Letting sleeping dogs lie…
Hero photo credit to his owners. 

Anyways, do check Hero out.

Since my last post, it turns out that the most frequent search phrase associated with this blog is: fondant doves, along with how to make fondant doves.
Meaning that most visitors would leave here empty-handed and disappointed.

Fear not; help is on the way — The NyonyaCelup presents her simple Fondant Doves Tutorial!

Fondant Doves Tutorial

When (fondant) doves cry.

For lack of a better software,
I used ACDSee for basic editing;
Snapseed for iPad to add the individual frames;
LabelBox to add the (unclear) labels;
and Martha Stewart CraftStudio to piece it all together.

I am aware that the end result is less than desirable,
but I do hope that you can make it out. 🙂

I’m open to new suggestions!

Love, The NyonyaCelup

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