Selamat Hari Raya!


So I am aware that the month of Ramadhan does not officially end for my Muslim readers and friends till Sunday,
but thanks to all the office festivities, you’ll have to pardon my jumping of the gun. 🙂

Mini ketupat hanging from my cubicle.

I was, after all, responsible for weaving 70% of the office ketupat decorations.

My festive contributions have not only been limited to weaving unbelievably slippery colourful ribbons rather dexterously,
my oven has been rather busy as well.

Hari Raya cupcakes

Hari Raya cupcakes – Set #1
Taken in a rush, before I had a chance to clean them up.

Hari Raya cupcakes

Mini-mini man in mini-mini Baju Melayu wearing mini-mini songkok!

Hari Raya cupcakes
Hari Raya cupcakes – Set #2
Vanilla cupcakes topped with a subtly flavoured rose buttercream.
I wanted to emulate a sirap bandung-like taste…
The lady wanted it in pink. 🙂
Hari Raya cupcakes

What’s up, Doc?
She also asked for some fondant animals to be scattered amongst the flowers,
so I gave him a carrot to stop him from munching on the blossoms.
Needs work, I admit, ended up looking like a mouse-bbit. :/

Salam Aidilfitri,
maaf zahir & batin.

Love, The NyonyaCelup

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