Macaron lah: Why we hate the rain…

Macaron lah: Why we hate the rain…

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but here in Melaka, it has been raining A LOT  in the past few weeks.
And while I am always grateful that I don’t live in an area when water scarcity / drought is a problem,
I can’t help but think that right now, we’re getting too much of a good thing.

My plants for one, do not appreciate the lack of sun as well as the constant torrential rain descending upon them.

Baking is a b*tch now as well.

Try getting whipping any kind of meringue to a stiff peak with this kind of humidity!
All my meringue recipes have had me whipping my egg whites for 1/2 an hour at a high speed,
only to end up with peaks were still droopy.
And I’m very sure that they have not been overwhipped either.

I ran into the same bad luck making macarons last week.
Not one to waste — it was approximately six egg whites in total — I folded all the dry ingredients in anyway,
and ended up with a mixture that resembled a very runny cake batter.

And while I didn’t take any pictures of it at that stage,
I did manage to snap one of them all piped out and resting
— and their runniness is quite evident here: see how they’re reaching to kiss one another!

Runny macaron shells

The humidity laughs at my meringue!

Though, because I use Italian meringue — which is a million times more stable than its easier French counterpart — the end result didn’t turn out so bad after all.

I allowed the shells to sit for a whole 1 hour 15 mins under a fan in an air-conditioned room
yes, macarons are really that finicky —
until a nice skin was formed (pressing on the unbaked shells didn’t leave so much as a fingerprint at this stage);
preheated an oven @ 180°C;
popped them in & reduced the temperature immediately to 150°C;
and baked them for 15 mins — opening the oven 2x & rotating it.


Rose buttercream macarons

Rose buttercream macarons — not too shabby, eh?

And while they weren’t as crumbly as they could have been if my meringue was properly whipped,
they tasted just as good.

I do make macarons in other favours, but you can probably guess by now,
I have a weak spot for pink. 🙂

Love, The NyonyaCelup

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  1. Hi Nyonya, I love your lively eloquence. I found your blog by chance via google. I was looking for buah keluak and noticed your callsign, ‘Nonyacelup’ ha ha….love your humour.
    I too am or rather was from Malacca, wayyyy back in the early 50s. My mom was a 5 generations pure Nyonya, thus my interest in this buah keluak.

    I have not eaten this since …..can’t remember when.
    Should you decide to cook this buah keluak curry, send me a telegram.
    And yes, a true Nyonya worth her salt does not cook by recipe, always by agak agak.
    As well again, no Nyonya does not know how to make a good sambal belachan….not to hot, that FIL or MIL have to put face under a tap, but just tangy enough to tease the palate.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Lee,

      Thank you for reading – it’s always nice to hear from a reader, however few that may be.

      I don’t cook this as often as I should, although the Baba loves it, as I find it too time consuming.
      So we usually save it for special occasions – perhaps during the next Chinese New Year. 🙂


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