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In Mini-mini-land, where Mini-mini-people do mini-mini-things for a mini-mini-living.

The Miniature Killer : The Garden Corner


The Miniature Killer has been up to more gardening today,
while the NyonyaCelup puts her finishing touches to her next post.

The Miniature Killer - The Garden Corner

I wonder if I'd fit into that apron...

The NyonyaCelup 

The Miniature Killer : My Little Garden


The Miniature Killer is back!

And this time she’s bringing a trellis with her!


The Miniature Killer - My Little Garden

Every vine needs a big strong trellis to climb onto...

A brief distraction for all of you while I work on the buah keluak recipe post.
It is truly taking longer than I expected. 3 days to be exact. 

The NyonyaCelup