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Pesto Mesto

Cheerful pink gerbera

Hello there!
I hope the week has been kind to you., so far. 😉
And if it hasn’t, we can only thank God it’s the weekend!

The NyonyaCelup apologises for her extended absence in the past month.
In between a holiday Down Under and various personal / work engagements, I found it a *lil* difficult to keep up with my blog.

Vacation photos & a pesto recipe after the jump!

Truss Yo’ Bird!

Truss Yo’ Bird!

I love lazy afternoons days.

Days where you roll out of bed mid morning
and spend the rest of, at home, doing absolutely nothing.

They are increasingly rare to come by these days,
which makes the odd day that the Baba & I can spend nurturing our inner sloth all the better.

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Roast away!

Roast away!

Most Malaysians — or at least the ones that I know — have this misconception that Western cooking is difficult.
And it’s not just amateurs who won’t cook anything unless it came out of a box / packet;
I refer also to ladies who whip up mouth watering laksas, scrumptious curries, magnificent rendangs, etc.

They are quite reluctant to try their hand at cooking Western dishes;
and the excuse is usually that it looks too hard.

So they buy their roasts from the local supermarket;
add milk and water into their packet mac & cheese;
and stir minced meat into their bottled sauces.

Which shouldn’t be the case, because Western cooking is actually really simple. And straightforward.
Well, at least, the simple staple dishes are. 😉

The Nyonya for one appreciates the fact that she doesn’t need to pound and grind a-million-and-one spices before she actually starts cooking the dish.

So you may not be the next Gordon Ramsay;
and the spatially challenged — like me —may never present dishes that look like they came out from the French Laundry;
but you’ll never have to Q up to buy half price chicken roast at Tesco ever again!
Maybe that was just me and the Baba.

Don’t go! There’s more!

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Rasberry Purée and Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Rasberry Purée and Vanilla Ice Cream

Every once in awhile, the NyonyaCelup gets a lil’ grandiose and thinks that she possesses the cooking & presentation skills of a fine chef.

It also doesn’t help that she stumbles onto blogs such as Mr. & Mrs. Eat A Duck’s — with their mouth-watering food & picture perfect photography — from time to time.

So it was only natural, when I decided to make about a dozen or so panna cottas earlier this week, that I’d look to them for inspiration
& attempt something that required less culinary skill, but equally stunning (visually).

The result were, predictably, disastrous.

Don’t go! There’s more!

Sinfully Cheesy Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Sinfully Cheesy Creamy Mashed Potatoes

The NyonyaCelup is aware that she was missing for quite awhile.

What can I say?
My weekends are lazy and it takes awhile for the momentum to build.
But I will put it on record that I have perfected a kick-a$$ roast chicken — all you really need is a lemon and a cup of water — gravy included. 

Vico agreed. And in our house, she’s the true test of yummyness.

Don’t go! There’s more!

Vanilla Skies

Vanilla Skies

Forgive my absence during the weekend,
as well as this morning-afternoon’s half hearted post.

The weekend was a lazy one for the NyonyaCelup and her Baba;
filled with good music,
hearty Italian food paired with the right wine,
great company,
and sunny blue vanilla skies.

Don’t go! There’s more!

Since we’re on a birthday roll… (Baking awesome vanilla cupcakes!)

Since we’re on a birthday roll… (Baking awesome vanilla cupcakes!)

So I started working with rolled fondant for the first time during my birthday.

As is evident by her posts — how ever little there may be — the NyonyaCelup is a very lazy cook.
She also has a fondness for speaking in the third person.

It would then be only natural, that I store-bought my fondant, instead of making it from scratch.
Honestly lar, show of hands: how many of you actually make your own rolled fondant, eh?
I was recommended a (relatively) big pail from Satin Ice by my friendly neighbourhood supplies shop, which really is rather big.
SIDENOTE: If you live in Malacca, you absolutely MUST swing by Baker’s Choice in Batu Berendam. Otherwise, Chang Tung in the Klang Valley area remains a traditional favourite.

If you’ve ever worked with fondant before, you will know that there really is only so much you can use to cover a cake.
Unless you go on a decoration overload.
So I was left with half a tub, or so, of white fondant; and little blobs here and there in various other colours.

What was I to do but to go on another impulsive baking-decorating spree.

Enter The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake, courtesy of The Cupcake Project.
I’ve linked Stef in my Blogroll, but because I know none of you ever read it, I’ve linked her again above. 

Don’t go! There’s more!