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#Stop114a — Malaysia, what it means for YOU


#Stop114a - 14.8.2012 Internet Blackout Day

*On 18 April, a second amendment to the Evidence Act 1950 was tabled in Dewan Rakyat & passed after the second and third reading.
On 9 May, Dewan Negara passed the amendment.
As of July 31, it has been gazetted — meaning that it is now (for lack of a better generic term) legally binding.

114A is the newly added section to the Evidence Act 1950. The amendment has wide-ranging reach and extends to practically EVERYONE who uses any Internet platform–from e-mail and social media, to blogs and online media.

For those of us who don’t speak law, the infographic below best sums up what it means for ALL OF US.

#Stop114a Infographic

The gist? Guilty until proven innocent;
which goes against the fundamental principals of justice.

I sincerely hope that this, at the very least, raises some awareness amongst my (albeit) small group of readers.

Till then, surf safe
& secure your identities.

I promise to return tomorrow with a new yummy post! 🙂

*Information adapted from #Stop114a.


  • In response to the #Stop114a Internet Blackout, Malaysian Primer Minister Datuk Seri Najib b. Razak stater over his official Twitter account: I have asked Cabinet to discuss Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950. Whatever we do we must put people first.
  • However, as of August 16, 2012, de facto law minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has announced that it will stay, stating: Once it is officially passed, to do something now is an after thought.**

**SOURCE: The Star Online

Love, The NyonyaCelup

Sinfully Cheesy Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Sinfully Cheesy Creamy Mashed Potatoes

The NyonyaCelup is aware that she was missing for quite awhile.

What can I say?
My weekends are lazy and it takes awhile for the momentum to build.
But I will put it on record that I have perfected a kick-a$$ roast chicken — all you really need is a lemon and a cup of water — gravy included. 

Vico agreed. And in our house, she’s the true test of yummyness.

Don’t go! There’s more!

The curious case of the exploding macarons…


Sacré bleu.

And the macarons went *boom*

Class, this is why one should never feed your macarons before popping them in the oven.

The picture is pretty self explanatory.

This wasn’t my first time making these tricky lil’ French buggers.
And honestly, this isn’t the first disaster I’ve had with them either.
But this really is the first time I’ve had them explode, quite literally.

Perhaps the oven was a wee bit too hot.

They still tasted good all the same
— once you got past scraping them off the parchment paper.

Love, The NyonyaCelup

Keep Calm and Carry On


This lil’ piece of British government World War II propaganda is, by now, perhaps one of the most blogged / printed / parodied to death subjects:

Keep Calm and Carry On

I'm more famous than the monarchy!
That was, till Katie came along —

If only subsequent governments worldwide could replicate its (albeit belated) success on issues like public health care, disease prevention, etc — one can only dream.

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