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Macaron lah: Why we hate the rain…

Macaron lah: Why we hate the rain…

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but here in Melaka, it has been raining A LOT  in the past few weeks.
And while I am always grateful that I don’t live in an area when water scarcity / drought is a problem,
I can’t help but think that right now, we’re getting too much of a good thing.

My plants for one, do not appreciate the lack of sun as well as the constant torrential rain descending upon them.

Baking is a b*tch now as well.

Try getting whipping any kind of meringue to a stiff peak with this kind of humidity!
All my meringue recipes have had me whipping my egg whites for 1/2 an hour at a high speed,
only to end up with peaks were still droopy.
And I’m very sure that they have not been overwhipped either.

I’ll teach you how to bake macarons in the wettest of weather after the jump!