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Half finished, half finished kasut manik…


For those of you who were wondering how my kasut manik is getting along:

Half finished, half finished kasut manik...

Left side is left with the background beadwork…
Yes, I bead directly on the pattern.
Retracing it on Aida cloth is too time consuming. Deal with it.

Kasut manik bird close up

I’ve been busy!
Macarons don’t bake themselves, obviously!

Love, The NyonyaCelup

The NyonyaCelup’s Lunch Hour Antics


True to my NyonyaCelup heritage,
I am educating myself in the fine arts of bead work & making my first pair of kasut manik.

At only an hour a day during lunch, I reckon this should be done by Chinese New Year next year. 🙂

Making kasut manik

The NyonyaCelup

NOTE: This is my first e-mail post. The dinosaur feels so proud. 🙂