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Ode to Gastroenteritis (Code Name: Project Yoghurt)

Ode to Gastroenteritis (Code Name: Project Yoghurt)

Gastroenteritis… GASTROENTERITIS! Oh, how I have missed using such professional-sounding terms!

gastro- meaning stomach; entero- meaning small intestine; -itis meaning inflamed; meaning stomach + small intestine + inflammed = diarrhoea and/or vomiting

It can be caused by an assortment of reasons, but that’s really not the right kind of conversation to start before a cooking class.

Yoghurt, besides being an unbelievably yummy and versatile ingredient in the kitchen, is also incredibly healthy.
Besides packing a punch in the vitamin & mineral department (think calcium, potassium, and an assortment of B-vitamins),
there are studies (somewhat) proving that regular consumption can help reduce blood pressure, as well as reduce the overall duration of an affliction of acute gastroenteritis — ta-dah!

Having said that, most of us are satisfied with the tubs of factory-made yoghurt that we can grab off the supermarket shelves
— but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’ll be surprised at how (super duper) easy it is to make your own yoghurt at home.
Without needing one of those fancy-schmancy kits.

Don’t go! There’s more!