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  1. Hello and Good Evening Basils.

    Would you kindly help me with some information on how to get started.

    Thanks Nyonya 🙂

    • Hi Tsai Kitt,

      Sorry to have replied this so late.

      Are you in Malaysia / SG?
      If yes, I always see basil seedlings available @ Cold Storage. They have a wide variety: sweet, lemon, red, Thai.

      Then, repot your plant – the bigger the pot, the bigger your plant will grow;
      I don’t find ground planting necessary as I hate having to dig the plants up when they are woody & old.

      Make sure you choose a sunny place in the garden & that drainage and irrigation is good (so that you can water them daily as it does tend to get hot here lol) 🙂

      Do tell me if I can be of more help 🙂

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